What XcelMobility Does

XcelMobility is a leading developer of mobile internet products and services, specifically focused on China’s burgeoning mobile market of well over 1 Billion Users.  The Company has recently reorganized into two divisions including:

  • Mach5 Portal Group – operates an online product portal, www.mach5.cn, providing home grown and 3rd party mobile apps and services in China.
  • LBS Product Group – Combining the recently acquired Jifu engineering team and technologies with Xcel’s LBS team this new group is developing leading edge LBS applications for smartphones and the latest in wearable computing devices.

With the introduction of the Mach5 LBS, Xcel has become the leader in providing location-based services for China’s mobile market as it offers developers an easy and efficient means for incorporating real-time mapping to mobile applications. 

The combination of smartphone proliferation, a surge in application storefront launches and new developments in hybrid positioning technologies are expected to help drive revenues from mobile location-based services (MLBS) around the world to more than $12.7 billion by 2014 (Juniper Research). Through the Company’s deep relationships with China’s leading mobile operators and its ability to incorporate today’s most interactive and technologically advanced social and gaming applications to its suite of mobile internet products and services, it is rapidly securing a leadership position in China’s mobile market.  For more information visit: www.xcelmobility.com.

 In the research, development and commercialization of applications for mobile devices that access the Internet utilizing mobile phone networks. The company's current focus is in Asia, due to the size of the market and the high use of mobile devices to access the internet and the cloud.

XcelMobility executes its business model through several subsidiaries located in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China.

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