Forward Looking Statements

This website may contain forward-looking information relating to business strategy, geographic areas of activity, capital expenditures, future exploration and development, development costs, production revenues, cash flow, investment payouts, valuations and other matters. This information is based on current expectations and assumptions as to a number of factors, including access to capital , weather conditions, exploratory success, ability to develop resource estimates, future production scenarios, commodity prices, exchange rates, interest rates and general economic and industry conditions.

The material assumptions applied within assume the company will continue with mineral exploration and development focus with sufficient cash being made available for its development program through existing balances and future capital raising on acceptable terms, exploratory and development costs maintained at expected levels, exploratory results, resource estimates and eventual production estimates are within expectations and there is sufficient access to transportation, processing facilities and sales markets.

If the expectations and assumptions, which may be based on limited or inaccurate data, prove to be incorrect or if factors change, then actual results could differ materially from the forward-looking information contained on this website.

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